Tuesday, 28 February 2012

England look firm with T20 series win…..

After one sided finish of test series, we have witnessed one sided ODI series, but in T20’s ignoring the fact who won the series we had an exciting time, with all 3 matches had its crunched moments and equally balance sides, but fielding might cause the edge to English camp. England after losing  Test series  3-0, came back strongly in ODI’s winning 4-0 and continues the form in T20’s. They won the last two games and take the series win with 2-1.

The extraordinary team with the ball during last 20 month or so, look so ordinary when they had white ball in ODI series and T20. The unplayable Saeed, Afridi and Hafeez during the worldcup and even in the followed session with Newzeland, West Indies, SriLanka, Bangladesh and even in the Test series against England, were all smashed for big and almost wicket less in many occasion.  

Also too many changes during the ODI series by Misbah command cause the lost. Not to forget Pakistan have to answer many question as Petersen and Dernbach posted. The questions about Pakistan bowling and majorly batting.

Finding the reason of the loss, need to go through many aspects, well as a writer I have to respect all opinion, by most of which I disagree. One of the reason was Pakistan’s defensive approach, basically critics said Mishbah instead of pushing pressure wait for something to happen. This strategy might work and we have seen worked best in Test series, but do the time changes in ODI and T20, the other rumors was the politics and the lobbing have its place back in the team, as major players does not support Misbah to be captain all format. Or is it the over excitement after the Test win, that over confident undermined the English team and lead to defeat. Or is it the England team who really learn its lesson quickly and with true struggle came back into tour…….

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Strong Reply; England white washed Pakistan

Series end with an unexpected finish from both ODI sides. After the set back of white wash in test series England step back into the ODI series against Pakistan. No wonder English fans now consider it even ……. As eye for an eye….. We go along with whitewash for a white wash. The guru’s haven’t remember such contest when a team lost 3-0 in test series take over ODI series by 4-0, and does not allow opposition any hope to shine again.

The ODI series belongs to England as few changes bring lot of positivity in English camp, while I think England had borrowed more from Pakistan, by which lack of spirit had been noticed among the body language of Pakistan Players, they were never there to support their bowling depart. Nor the fielding neither the batting.

Individual performance from England side again dominant, as Cook and Petersen both made back to back two centuries for the cause, also Fin with 13 wickets in series was clear difference. In Pakistan camp Saeed did took 9 wickets, but he alone was not helpful. While Azhar Ali continued a little of his form in ODI’s and Asad Shafiq did put some impact in making partnerships.

Still to determine the reason of bad performance of the team, who just out classed the England batting line up 6 times in test series with 4 times they couldn’t get over 250. Then what happened to bowling attack that couldn’t resist England defending small scores. Is the addition of Shahid Afridi, or changing the perfect combination of test couldn’t adjust. Pakistan now have to think out of box for the T20’s three to come, will the change turn in the favor of Pakistan, not to forget England is World T20 champion. It will going to be tough competition in T20’s , Misbah ul Haq, we hope the same way….  

Thursday, 16 February 2012

England won 2nd ODI; Fielding was spot on of both sides

It cannot be false to say that England’s on ground fielding led them to second win. Like the first ODI Alastair cook made century and help England post 250 on board. He became the only English captain to make back to back centuries in ODI’s. Pakistan after all the tough time spent on pitch again have no reply for Finn bowling, he again took 4 wickets for. While the praise of England win cannot be stop until Pakistan put a full stop in coming up matches.

 “Pakistan have to field well in order to win the series against England” by Javed Miandad before the start of Series, and guess what the experience of coaching Pakistan team made him to deliver a solid concern. Since the fielding was the only point that differs the England line up from Pakistan. Where England fetches 2 runs at the position of 1, the fielders led us down, while England on ground only allow 1’s instead of 2’s. also good commitment of England’s fielder stop many good drives, which clearly was the difference of 20 runs, the amount Pakistan was failed to chase, And just give up at 230.

It seems like changes worked for England very well, like boopara and Finn, and the transition from test to ODI. But the similar change doesn’t goes in their favor, the transition doesn’t really help the cause. As Pakistan return in the game mostly in the second innings during all three tests. But for ODI’s there never a second chance, therefore Pakistan have to rethink their strategy and batting options. We have to see…..

Monday, 13 February 2012

Pakistani batting order tumbled as they lose against England

Pakistan top order flopped in order to respond to Misbah’s call. The bowlers once again try to constrain English Batsmen to 260, but in response the top batting order fooled their selves on the in swing delivers of Steven finn, the new addition to the ODI squad, so as the lower batting order couldn’t handled the pressure, and took some last breathe as last  Afridi  & Umer Akmal tried their best to hold the ship for some while but failed, the struggle last for 35 over’s and made 130 runs, as England won by 130 runs in the first ODI of four match series.

Not to miss a chance to accept that England did come in one dayer with lot practice and came out of the struggle of Test matches with captain lead from the front with 134 runs, also partnership with Ravi boopara make their name in first match, made 50. All over it was a good and balance side with potential to be match winner and on this occasion they showed it.

In comparison to the two matches’ one between Pakistan vs. Afghanistan played on 10 Feb in Sharja, and one between Pakistan vs. England at Abu Dhabi, one thing was common that was Pakistan poor Fielding. So as England & Afghanistan was looking more promising on the field. Also Pakistan have make their mind clear about the test series they win, and now its time for Pakistan to wake up with its batting selection, and One day is a different bowl game.

This win will boost up the morals of English Team and Pakistan for the next match have to be prepare more and have to come with new strategy or enthusiasm. Not to forget the good moments of Pakistan on the field, as Ajmal took 5 wickets. While England has lot to cheer about the win, the cook’s ton and the finn 4 for……. For the fans we hope for and entertaining match next time, and celebrates more moments.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Pakistan Seal the Series by 3-0; A whitewash no one expected

Pakistan surprises the England team, the England Fans, the Pakistani Fans and every one that loves cricket. This Series brings lot of cheer to Pakistani camp, not only that also a self believe they can now challenge any team at any condition. This recent form of Pakistan and the efforts, noticed from World cup have now turned Pakistan into new era.

The series was full of record making and breaking flash, but one significant fact that Pakistan has a won a series 3-0 after nine years, in 2003 they won against Bangladesh by 3-0. But now the win matters more as it is against England, the no. 1 Test team of the world cricket. The series clearly belongs to Spin bowling as 48 wickets have been taken by Pakistani spinners, and all praise to them.

“No team becomes No.1 over night, Andrew Strauss”. Well England has been good through out the years but Pakistan bowling department just not put question mark to their greatness but now also put question will England manage to hold their first rank for long. And if it’s the start of Pakistan team towards the journey of England’s current status i.e. no. 1 spot of world rank.

Some of the excellent extract for Pakistan, this series has made. Saeed Ajmal now became the most dependent bowler for Pakistan team, After Danish Kaneria Pakistan has been looking for front line spin bowler, and he proves to be one. The other finding is Abdur Rehman, who is no longer remains a second option; the two 5 wickets haul made him a competitive choice.

Talking about batting no one can neglect the efforts of Azhar Ali in 2nd and 3rd Test. He was solid in defense and made runs that help team to rely on someone steady like him. In the series that dominants by bowlers, Azhar Ali won the Match of the man award today. With Azhar we need to discuss Asad Shafiq’s two knocks under pressure, in 2nd test with Azhar, and in 3rd test when Pakistan was looking to holds the rope.   

For the series win, we congratulate Pakistan team and their efforts, as every team mate did his fair of bit in the glorious success. Now fans are looking for ODI series, how strongly England will make a comeback, or will Pakistan able to crush them once again in the battle field sets in UAE.