Tuesday, 28 February 2012

England look firm with T20 series win…..

After one sided finish of test series, we have witnessed one sided ODI series, but in T20’s ignoring the fact who won the series we had an exciting time, with all 3 matches had its crunched moments and equally balance sides, but fielding might cause the edge to English camp. England after losing  Test series  3-0, came back strongly in ODI’s winning 4-0 and continues the form in T20’s. They won the last two games and take the series win with 2-1.

The extraordinary team with the ball during last 20 month or so, look so ordinary when they had white ball in ODI series and T20. The unplayable Saeed, Afridi and Hafeez during the worldcup and even in the followed session with Newzeland, West Indies, SriLanka, Bangladesh and even in the Test series against England, were all smashed for big and almost wicket less in many occasion.  

Also too many changes during the ODI series by Misbah command cause the lost. Not to forget Pakistan have to answer many question as Petersen and Dernbach posted. The questions about Pakistan bowling and majorly batting.

Finding the reason of the loss, need to go through many aspects, well as a writer I have to respect all opinion, by most of which I disagree. One of the reason was Pakistan’s defensive approach, basically critics said Mishbah instead of pushing pressure wait for something to happen. This strategy might work and we have seen worked best in Test series, but do the time changes in ODI and T20, the other rumors was the politics and the lobbing have its place back in the team, as major players does not support Misbah to be captain all format. Or is it the over excitement after the Test win, that over confident undermined the English team and lead to defeat. Or is it the England team who really learn its lesson quickly and with true struggle came back into tour…….

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