Sunday, 1 April 2012

Big Teams on losing side….

The champions of Test, ODI and T20’s are continued to struggle against under dogged teams. The 2012 turn out to be the years to rise with new champions, as the current champion has their way down. The change in rules does affect the rhythm sometimes, but as the game of cricket changes it requires the strategy makers to revise their course. One cannot win with big names but it requires true effort and control of skills to be on top for long.

Australia with too many changes in their captainship manages to narrow skip the common wealth game finale, and also in series against West Indies. The Australian team is going through a period try to find combination for solid performances as they were known of. Although we cannot forget the efforts of Srilankan and westindian teams which also going through changes, but they strongly fight for survival.

Next in debate is India, who’s bad luck continues as the arrive to South Africa, and lost their 1st T20 due to Duck/Lewis influence on match. The current ODI champion has almost knocked out each time they played series outside their home in the last 4 series. Starting with the Test series against Australia concluded early this year, than couldn’t reach to final of triangular series, again couldn’t qualify for the final of Asia cup due to Bangladesh out classed them. While in all Four Series India played with its full potential batting and bowling attack.

Another team that has flopped to perform outside its home soil. Among the Test nation the Champion of the day is England who’s been on no 1 ranking for more than 8 months and been consistent within its home ground. As the England team toured early this year to UEA, and Pakistan whitewashed them belled the alarm in their ear. But once again England side couldn’t rise to the damage caused by spinner on the soil of Lankan’s against SriLanka this time. Hearth took 12 for and surprises the big names of English camp.

South Africa on the other hand looking forward for the first place in all three formats, as they Ranked no 2 in all three of them. Also Bangladesh has won the heart of millions as the performed in Asia cup. The promising guns of Windies also holding the way for the success.

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