Monday, 19 December 2011

Mohsin Stars Shinning

Series after series the man under considerations of solid position as Pakistan permanent Coach. This been the third time Mohsin Khan is been holding the position for another series this year, where many foreign and local coaches are under consideration during last few months, the man is not ready to leave the position for anyone. Then the question arises how efficient coaching techniques he come up with to collect three consecutive series wins. Is he really a skillful teacher for the team, or the team is so much on song that they does not need any coach at the time, or else the previous coaching team, including Ejaz Ahmed, Aqib javed & Waqar Younis has helped the team that is now fruitful.

Considering all the fact we cannot ignore that Pakistan throughout this year performed consistently, the change of captaincy doesn’t hurt them nor the change in coaching depart. So far every combination comes out to be a winning one for Pakistan. One could conclude that it is gel that bound the team so well that contributes six consecutive wins in ODI series, and some great individual efforts, shoulders high looking forward for England series.

Pakistan's interim coach Mohsin Khan 
While praising the cricketing efforts of Pakistani Players, some of the credits should be given to Mohsin khan for not carried away the team with wins. Blessed with good coaching skills or good luck never the less PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) decides to give another chance to glance. Instead of criticizing one man let us wish the whole team to continue the walk on the winning track.  

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