Friday, 6 January 2012

Saeed Ajmal to come up with new delivery…..

 In the recent conference the bowler claimed to introduce new delivery in the series against England in UAE. Well the stage is been set and just before the start of series both teams and team players try to gain a psychological advantage of each other. It is yet to know whether its a same attempt from Saeed Ajmal or he really trying some new techniques.

As Saeed Ajmal recently uses his dusra most often it was a concern from former player that soon it will be esay to understand his wicket taking delivery. And now he announces to introduce a new kind of delivery. Is it a gamble, just to make England think about it all time and the delivery is actually have no status.

Many discussed this series as the opportunity, as to uncover this new deliver, while keeping the finger crossed and all the cricket lovers couldn’t wait to discover will this be another magic deliver like dusra, which was introduce by Saqlain Mushtaq, another Pakistani bowler. The bowl has its magic even now and difficult for batsmen to pick it up, while the off spinner revived with this bowl, Saqlain, Murli and Saeed uses  it to demolish the opponent.

But will the new ball has the same magic as dusra? Will it moves otherwise than the regular off spin, or it goes the same direction but with little variety, or it holds is direction like the carom bowl just difficult to read. What its going to be? We could only imagine to some extents, but only time knows it well. And we hope whatever it will be it keeps the cricket lovers interested and shows some magic.  

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