Sunday, 22 January 2012

Spin Alarming a challenge for England’s top order….

First Test between England and Pakistan has end with Pakistan win by 10 wickets. With the joys of win, a question for England has popped up and that is about there spin playing abilities? Spinners took fifteen wickets in the first match, especially Saeed Ajmal with extraordinary effort and show the way of pavilion to ten England Batsmen. So is it the fear of Saeed Ajmal that over run the mind of English Batsmen, as Umer gul took 4 wickets with leg side deliveries.

The signs of panic showed very early by English players in 1st innings when only on 10 runs they loss their first wicket, and since then they never come up with better strategy than Pakistan. But ince again the cradet to this victory goes to Pakistan Bowlers, as during last year as well we witnessed many games in which bowler give control of match to the command of Pakistan camp.

On a track which continues to be assumed a good batting track the match ends within three days with no one scored a century, though Mohammed Hafeez gets very close but couldn’t finish with three figures. So is it alarm for both of team to go through their batting order and revise if they can. Now five day gap with two days to left and once again cricket fans are ready to see some exciting Test cricket.

Both of the team have to come in the field with answer that, who learn more from past, will England play with two spinners, since tremlett was almost wicket less in the first match, so why not like Pakistan go with two spinners, and also include a more reliable batsman of spin in batting order, yes the media the experts are talking about Ravi bopara. Only times tell will Strauss boys handle all criticism gracefully, like the test match the media is testing English player temperament off the field.

Also Pakistan has to think about large scores when finding such opportunity and don’t let them flee. As all big names got start but couldn’t maintain it. And will they plan for attacking cricket in the second test or they design their strategy after observing England on ground, they better not to get defensive with their 1-0 lead. The only way to defend it is make it 2-0 by next match. For the fans of both sides and cricket we hope to have a contest of excitement.  

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